The complete sports betting glossary of all the
terms and expressions that you need to know


The term used to describe an amount bet on a sporting event


Arbitrage Betting is when you find riskless profit

Against The Spread (ATS)

Refers to a bet that is placed on the point spread, rather than the moneyline which refers to a bet that is placed on the winner

Bad Beat

A loss which is highly improbable


Refers to a bettor who is attempting to stay anonymous by concealing their identity


Refers to a "sportsbook" which is the company that services bets


Refers to picking the "favourite" to win


A bet valued at $1000


Refers to the "underdog" which is the player/team expected to lose


The perception that a bettor has a mathematical/information advantage when placing a bet

Even Money

When a bet is priced to pay out an amount equal to the bet amount i.e. bet $100 to win $100


The player/team that is expected to win


A bet that is placed well in advance of an event or game that is going to take place


Refers to the process of researching and analyzing the expected outcome for a sports event - individuals who perform this work are referred to as handicappers


Refers to placing a bet on the opposite side of a wager that has been previously placed in order to ensure one bet wins


Refers to a half point (0.5 points)


This is the commission charged by sportsbooks when a bet is placed - also known as the "vig"

Laying The Points

Refers to when a bet is placed on the favorite to win the point spread


The maximum dollar amount that a sportsbook will allow on a specific bet


The different types of bets available for a sports event - most commonly refers to the moneyline, spread, or total


Refers to a player/team that is expected to win with ease


Refers to a bet that is placed on the straight-up winner of a sports event

Off The Board

When a sports event is temporarily unavailable to be bet on - usually due to player injury, weather, and other key information


The number set by oddsmakers that forecasts the total combined points scored by both teams


A type of bet that consists of multiple individuals bets that have been combined into one ticket (usually to produce a higher payout)


When there is no favorite or underdog for a sports event i.e. both sides have an equal probability of winning

Point Spread

Refers to the margin of victory - the point spread is created by oddsmakers to determine much a favorite is expected to win by


A common betting line for hockey - usually set at 1.5 goals

Prop Bet

A type of bet that is placed on various activities, stats, or happenings throughout a sports event, rather than the normal betting lines for a sports event


When a game ends with the margin of victory equal to the points spread or the total points scored is equal to the over/under amount - the bet is a "push" and the bet is refunded


A professional sports bettor who is very knowledgeable


Refers to the "points spread"


A novice sports bettor - the opposite of a "sharp"


A rapid change in a betting line (typically due to action placed by a sharp)

Taking The Points

Refers to when a bet is placed on the underdog to the win the point spread


The total combined points scored for a game


A synonym for "juice" - the commission charged by sportsbooks when a bet is placed

Wise Guy

A synonym for "sharp" - a professional sports bettor who is very knowledgeable

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