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When the majority of the money has been placed on one side, it is considered the public bet which some bettors use to inform their betting decision process. If sportsbooks take the majority of the money bet on the public bet and determine that the line does not need to be adjusted, then that may be an indication that the sportsbooks believe the public bet is not as likely to win as the non-public bet. 


When there is a sudden large swing in the pricing of odds for an event this may reveal that a sharp bettor or professional syndicate has placed a large wager in the direction that the line has moved. If significant enough, sportsbooks will respond to these developments or other news updates (injuries, weather etc.) with rapid changes to odds as they update their own forecast.


It is important to compare odds from different sportsbooks because there will occasionally be discrepancies in the odds offered that allows for riskless profit opportunities. An example of this using the Lakers vs. Clippers is shown below:
Sportsbook #1: Lakers +110
Sportsbook #2: Clippers +110
If a bettor was to place $100 on the Lakers with Sportsbook #1 and place another $100 on the Clippers with Sportsbook #2, they would guarantee a $210 payout and thus $10 profit on their $200 bet amount.

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